What is ISDN and when is it being switched off? 
ISDN is a traditional phone line technology which often uses a network to deliver voice and data. A number of countries have already made the switch and many are getting close. In the UK – BT are expected to reach the end of sale of ISDN services in 2020 with ISDN services expected to be switched off on the BT network in 2025. 
All businesses will then be required to utilise SIP or hosted technology. 

SIP Migration Steps 

With the ISDN Switch Off, migrating to SIP technology should be a business priority. A SIP Trunk is the digital equivalent of a traditional phone line, it connects to a PBX, a device that provides the brains behind the phone system enabling multiple users to share lines. SIP offers a number of key advantages over ISDN including carrying voice and data across a single connection. 
As a company we recommend upgrading your old telephone system to either our hosted VOIP system Horizon Evolve for as little as £9.50 per user per month or an on-premise telephone system using SIP trunks from our manufacturers which include AVAYA, NEC or Panasonic.  
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