SIP Trunks from Turnkey Telecom Group can replace your traditional analogue PSTN or ISDN lines at a fraction of the cost, with quick and easy installation.  

What are SIP Trunks?  

A SIP Trunk is the virtual link between your PBX and the PSTN over the internet. It allows you to make outbound calls and receive inbound calls using an IP connection (VoIP) rather than a traditional ISDN/PSTN line. With ISDN being phased out and moving to all-IP, SIP Trunks will be essential. 
Our SIP trunks are available from £7.50 per month and include FREE Local and National and UK mobiles calls.  

Why use Turnkey Telecom Group SIP Trunks 

Voice networks are moving to SIP and it has become the preferred service for business. 
Provide flexible and resilient voice services 
Maximise investments and leverage your IP infrastructure 
Simplify a business's phone system operation 
Facilitate the switch from ISDN to all-IP services 
Converting to SIP is easy, let us bring modern day flexibility to voice. 

Key Benefits 

Increased Flexibility 
Easily add and scale down as required on demand. Add capacity without the need to install physical lines and no costly engineer visit.  
Rapid Deployment & Easy to Use 
Fast and simple set up. Connecting new geographic locations enables you to get a business up and running very quickly. 
UK & International Numbers 
UK and International numbers ready to instantly provision and program. 
Number Porting 
Moving location, country, or just want to move to SIP? We appreciate numbers are essential to you, so a dedicated provisioning team looks after the process. 
International SIP Breakout 
Facilitate global working. Ensure each country can make calls to the emergency services and receive a local call that’s not in an international call price bracket. 
Find out that your telephone system is down before your customers do. Monitoring and recovering from a number of voice issues can easily be set up on our portal. 
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