Broadband Options 

Turnkey Telecom Group uses the UK’s top three providers of business broadband services. No matter where your business is situated, we have a connectivity solution for you. 

Standard ADSL2+ 

Our Standard Broadband (ADSL2+) is great value and consistently reliable, with speeds of up to 24mbps downstream and 1.3mbps upstream. 
ADSL2+ is recommend when a business does not have FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) available to them. If ADSL2+ is not quite quick enough but FTTC is unavailable, we can provide Bonded Broadband that uses (up to 8) ADSL2+ lines to create a larger, single virtual connection. 

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) 

Our Superfast Broadband (FTTC) is ideal for business users who demand high bandwidth at an affordable price. FTTC offers speeds of up to 80mbps downstream and 20mbps upstream. However, the actual speeds are depending upon your distance from the cabinet and contention of service, which is usually 5:1. 

FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) 

Our FTTP is Fibre all the way to the end user’s premises (no copper) – available in areas where full fibre infrastructure already exists in the street. Due to the whole circuit being Fibre, we can offer higher speeds with higher rates of reliability.With FTTP there is no “up to” bandwidth. The bandwidth that you buy is the bandwidth that you will obtain over your local access tail. 

Converged Broadband 

Our Converged Broadband is a competitively-priced service that provides both reliable, high-quality IP telephony and internet access, over a single circuit. Ideal for smaller (branch) offices and home workers where the cost of a second line for IP telephony is too prohibitive. Converged broadband will prioritise voice traffic over data, meaning that you can enjoy consistently high-quality voice, backed up by a performance SLA that is unhindered by any other data transferred across their single, converged connection. 
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