Connect the classroom 

Connect the classroom is a funded programme to improve internet speed in schools. This is done by upgrading wifi access points and network switches. 

Connect the classroom funded programme 

Reliable internet connectivity is a crucial component of effective classroom technology integration. The 'Connect the Classroom' government scheme aims to address this issue by providing funding for schools to improve their Wi-Fi infrastructure. By enhancing connectivity, schools can unlock the full potential of technology in education, leading to improved teaching practices and enhanced student learning experiences. The initiative represents a significant step towards creating a more connected and technologically enabled educational environment. 

What's on Offer 

The Connect the Classroom program aims to provide funding to upgrade schools' Wi-Fi to the latest wireless internet technology, known as Wi-Fi 6. Similar to how 5G improved upon 4G and 4G improved upon 3G in the mobile phone service, Wi-Fi 6 offers several benefits over older Wi-Fi technologies: 
• Faster Speed: Wi-Fi 6 offers more than double the maximum speed of Wi-Fi 5. While Wi-Fi 5 provides a maximum speed of 3.5 gigabits per second (Gbps), Wi-Fi 6 can achieve speeds of up to 9.6 Gbps. This increased speed enables faster data transfer and smoother internet browsing experiences. 
• Improved Congestion Handling: Wi-Fi 6 is better equipped to handle network congestion compared to Wi-Fi 5. Even when multiple devices are connected and generating high traffic, Wi-Fi 6 maintains a high-speed connection, minimizing slowdowns and ensuring consistent performance. 
• Enhanced Security: Wi-Fi 6 supports the latest security protocol called Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3). WPA3 offers stronger security measures, including improved user authentication and data encryption. This helps protect sensitive information and reduces the risk of security breaches that could compromise the school's data and the privacy of students and staff. 
By upgrading to Wi-Fi 6, schools can ensure that their internet connectivity is fast, reliable, and secure. It eliminates the frustration of slow speeds that can hinder teaching and learning activities. Additionally, the enhanced security features of Wi-Fi 6 provide a safer environment for accessing online resources and protect against potential cyber threats. 
For more information and to see whether you qualify for funding please contact or call us on 0333 003 5700.  

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