Why are Panasonic pulling out of the UK telecoms market 
In recent years Panasonic has worked hard to find a way to continue the business by making our organization and its relationships with partners as sustainable as possible. However, it has become apparent that this is not possible to continue given the current business environment based on the limited capability of factory resources as described below. 
A sharp decline of the market and rapid shift to cloud-based solutions. 
Technological mismatch between factory resources/assets and future market needs and trends. 
Lagging behind our competitor’s R&D activities. 
A constant financial deficit due to the reasons above. 
Shift to new types of demand (Teams, Zoom, etc.) significantly accelerated by Covid-19 which makes the future of our business untenable and unpredictable. 

When will Panasonic discontinue telephone systems 

In 2 years time, the Panasonic PBX telephone systems & parts will be discontinued and will become hard to source. Customers will need to replace the Panasonic system for an alternative telecom solution once these items are no longer supported, before 2023. 
As a company we recommend upgrading your old Panasonic telephone system to either our hosted VOIP system Horizon Evolve for as little as £9.50 per user per month or an on-premise telephone system using SIP trunks from our manufacturers which include AVAYA, NEC or Samsung. 
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