The Cloud and Hosted services are both popping up more and more not only in the business world, but in everyday life, however for new start ups, or people that are unsure on where to begin, or what they are, it can be a bit of a minefield knowing what to look for. Read on to find out moe. 
Cloud computing is fast becoming the natural, default option for businesses and individuals alike. Since the pandemic and the COVID-19 crisis hitting globally, it has encouraged us all to take a step back and look at ways to streamline our lives both in business, and... well anywhere in fact. 
Employers had to adapt and change quickly including how they could ensure minimal disruption to their businesses, finding ways that their employees could work from wherever they were. This had to be a vast, fast, and adaptable change, and it had to be adaptable and convenient for all. 
Now this cloud everyone is talking about.... has been around a long time. Many discussions and debates have taken place on this, some say as early as the 60’s however the first cloud computing for everyday use was in August of 2006. The cloud, quite simply put, is a delivery of computing services including servers, storage databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the internet. 
Adaptability is key, storage plans can be paid for monthly, which can mean lower costs for businesses once you hit your storage capacity…. Just add more on as you use it without the need to move all your data around. Using online data storage can drastically reduce the expense of internal storage and resources. Businesses do not need any power or support to manage and store data, your chosen cloud vendor does it all for you. 
It is an industry which is projected to be worth £832.1 Billion pounds by 2025, and 95% of all businesses using cloud base solutions in some way within their businesses, the cloud is very much here to stay, and it is easy to see why with increased employers and employees now no longer needing to work from office locations. 
Cloud hosted systems enable users to share, view and edit files and data on the cloud with whoever the administrator chooses, however only a few such as NEC’s Univerge Blue offer the cross platform sharing features easily and quickly. 
Everything is done online when using cloud-based solutions. This means that so long as you have an adequate internet connection, you can get to work! More than one individual can work on a big project, or document in real time, with the changes automatically saved to the cloud, meaning that the changes are visible instantly to all that have been given access. To download or store documents then suitable storage space or devices may be needed, however working on, and viewing data can be one without storage. No more excuses why staff cannot get into the office or ‘the dog ate your paperwork!’ 
Using cloud-based solutions are as easy as 1,2,3. Uploading files and data is effortless and straightforward meaning any staff member can use this, without long, complex, or expensive training. Once you have spent hours on your work and saved, (directly to... you guessed it.. The cloud!) it becomes accessible to those that need it instantly, from anywhere in the world, and on any device, eliminating the need for copying and sending data across multiple devices. NEC’s Univerge Blue Connect Solutions give businesses the option to have a mobile app also, which means users no longer need to be at a desk with a P.C. 
Cloud based infrastructure and the amount of delicate, secure information it holds means that security and data privacy need to be on top of its game. 
Software as a Service (or SaaS) for short, will be a term that most businesses will start to see when investigating the cloud and what is right for them. There are lots of cloud storage options, however for simplistic use, that staff can adapt to, and to keep costs low, this could be the one for you. 
With SaaS, there is no specialist staff to maintain systems and equipment as there is now no longer a need for hosting and maintaining databases or servers, handling, and coding, 
SaaS otherwise knows as web based, or hosted software quite simply allows your data to be accessed from any internet accessible device with a web browser. The software host you choose, such as Univerge Blue Connect will take care of your databases, code, security and maintain the servers, prompting smaller businesses and start up companies the chance and affordability to look at hosted software as the overhead costs for this disappears, leaving a monthly payment to one company who takes care of it all… amazing! 
Now, for all businesses, security and keeping data secure has always been one of the top priorities. This is no exception, and far more important with cloud hosted systems. If your businesses data is ever breached or compromised, then the storage in the cloud acts as a lifesaver. It is important you and your staff understand how to be security conscious, as well as knowing what levels of security your hosted services offer. 
Now, obviously, all this information is just a basic overview. However, the future of how businesses work and grow is changing rapidly, with hosted systems starting to lead the way. Are you ready? 
Turnkey Telecom Group can make the changes you need to ensure simplicity and a digital changeover that gives minimal disruption. For a personalised, tailored quote contact one of our friendly team members who will be happy to help you. 
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