Needing to be persuaded about why your business should be considering Univerge Blue Connect Bridge? Read on here...... 
If your business is used to an on-premises system, the thought of making the leap to a cloud-based system can be daunting. It would be natural to be worried about the cost, the transition and the training issues with your staff. However, Univerge Blue Connect Bridge have made things as cost effective, and as straight forward as possible. Here we look at some of the benefits to your company of this remarkable innovation. 
- Easy To Use- Your staff will find transitioning to Univerge Blue Connect Bridge as easy as 1, 2, 3. With consistent and intuitive user interfaces, it allows you and your business to get up and running smoothly and quickly with minimal training and disturbance. 
- Easy to Manage. With the administration portal, adding or removing users and making changes are all made in one, easy to find place. This in turn, saves your business money, as it ensures that you are only paying for the licences it needs. Brilliant! 
- The mobility of Univerge Blue Connect Bridge means that you can install desktop and mobile versions almost immediately and seamlessly. This means your workforce will be able to work from anywhere, anytime, in turn increasing productivity. 
- Streamline all your connections! With access to inbound and outbound calling, file sharing, team chats and video conferencing, it ensures your staff and users spend less time switching between applications, and more time working. 
- One single vendor for all business communications. Simplify payments, spend less time on administrative work, reduce the number of vendors and spend less time on training. All of which saves you and your business time and money! 
- Cloud enables on-premises solutions. Future proof your communication systems. Univerge Blue Connect Bridge enables you to extend on-prem solutions with cutting edge cloud-based communication tools. 
- Pathway to UCaaS. When your business is ready to migrate to full UCaaS with Univerge Blue Connect, NEC will migrate your entire on-prem workload seamlessly to the cloud, without any changes or disruptions to the user experience. Saving you even more time and money! 
NEC are a global trusted brand. Better integration, less complexity, proven fast and reliable. Get ready to future proof your business now.... what are you waiting for?! 
For more information, or for a quote tailored to you and your business. Speak to one of our experienced advisors today on 0333 003 5700 
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