ISDN2e, ISDN30e and Analogue Lines

As a BT Wholesale Partner, we can offer the same lines as BT, up to 40% cheaper.

As a BT Wholesale Partner, Turnkey are able to provide businesses with the same line rental solutions as BT but with flexible pricing and service criteria. The three main type of telephone lines available are Analogue (either single or multiline), ISDN2e (only available in increments of 2 channels) or ISDN30e (minimum of 8 channels).

Telephone lines can be transferred across to our network on a like-for-like basis. No site visit is required, and no change to your existing numbers or services. It is a simple, hassle-free exercise, and could result in you achieving up to a 60% saving in some cases. Typically, we are 40% cheaper than BT for line rental.

For a complete savings analysis on your current telecoms expenditure, please send an itemised telephone bill over to

Our Typical Install & Monthly Line Rental Charges

Type of LineBT InstallTurnkey InstallBT RentalTurnkey Rental
Analogue (PSTN)£135.00£75.00 £21.20From £11.50
ISDN2e (2 Channels)£370.00£199.00 £45.60From £22.50
ISDN30e (8 Channels)£1,240.00£900.00 £179.20From £96.00

As an alternative solution to wholesale line rental see SIP trunks.

Please note: The above rental charges are monthly and based on a minimum 12 month contract and exclude VAT.