NEC, Avaya, Samsung and Panasonic

All of our On-Premise Telephone Systems are hybrid, which means they work with all types of traditional lines such as Analogue and ISDN as well as the latest line type SIP trunks. Hybrid systems also allow a mixture of analogue, digital and IP devices. You can either buy the on-premise system outright or lease rent the system over a fixed period of time for a set cost.


NEC Telephone Systems


The SL2100 is NEC’s latest, most advanced, phone system, launched in September 2017. Much of the technology is built-in reducing the need for extra hardware, licensing and maintenance, all contributing to sharp price point and low running costs. The system is easily scalable up to 100+ IP, analogue and digital extensions, and support SIP, analogue, ISDN2e and now ISDN30e lines.


The SV9100 is a feature-rich, UC enabled system that is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It can scale to meet the needs of future growth with a platform that allows for the easy expansion of your system capabilities. The SV9100 can support up to 896 analogue, digital and IP extensions combined, and up to 400 PSTN, ISDN and SIP lines.

Avaya Telephone Systems

IP Office 500 v2

The Avaya IP Office™ Platform is a cost-effective telephony system that supports a mobile, distributed workforce with voice and video on virtually any device. IP Office is an integrated, modular communications solution that scales up to 3000 extensions and 150 sites in a multisite network with resiliency. In addition to basic telephony services and voicemail.

IP Office offers both hard phone and soft phone options. Soft phone applications are designed to provide flexibility for remote workers and to allow workers to access telephony services, such as making and receiving calls, voicemail, and call forwarding from their computer or mobile device.

Samsung Telephone Systems

Samsung OfficeServ

The OfficeServ has been designed to deliver advanced voice, data and wireless communications in a single IP platform. The OfficeServ services businesses with a requirement of up to 480 users, compatible with analog, digital or SIP trunks this system can adapt to the changing communications environment.

Samsung Communication Manager Compact (SCMC)

The Samsung Communication Manager Compact (SCMC) is pure-IP based, all-in-one, communication solutions designed for up to 512 users.

Samsung Communication Manager Express (SCM)

SCM (Samsung Communication Manager) has been specially designed to enable enterprises with a 3,000-user capacity to build smart business communications, the SCM is a pure-SIP based all-in-one communications solution that provides enterprise-grade call control and embedded applications such as unified communications, voice conferencing and mobility from a single server.

Panasonic Telephone Systems


Designed for small or medium-sized businesses looking to take advantage of Panasonic’s reputation for quality technology, the KX-NS700 unified communications solution is a hybrid system with the ability to manage future growth.

It’s an IP communication system for companies with up to 250 users in a single site that can be flexibly configured and expanded, making it the ideal alternative to cloud-based solutions.


The KX-NS1000 offers a high level of flexibility and can be integrated into your existing infrastructure. Thanks to the modular architecture, the system can be tailored to suit your requirements.

The system also supports a combination of TDM and IP technology, as well as systems based entirely on IP technology. Smartphones and tablet computers can also be seamlessly integrated, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits that working on your own device offers.