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Wholesale Line Rental Essex


Historically, most line rental solutions have always come from BT in the UK. Since the introduction of Business Wholesale Line Rental, we are able to provide businesses with the same line rental solutions as BT but with flexible pricing and service criteria.


Lines can be transferred across to our network with minimal fuss and on a like-for-like basis. No site visit is required, and no change to your existing numbers or services.


By switching to Turnkey Telecom Networks wholesale line rental service, the only difference you will notice is the name on the bill and a reduction in cost. There will be no disruption to your service, during the transfer period. You will only receive one bill for both your phone lines and calls.


By switching to our service you will be dealing with a company who has a vested interest in ensuring you remain satisfied as our client. This is achieved by giving our clients a dedicated account manager, as opposed to calling a faceless call centre where you never speak to the same person twice.


We are typically 40% cheaper than BT for line rental and 30% cheaper on calls.


Turnkey Telecom Networks Tariff Plan


Type of Line

BT Install

Turnkey Install

BT Rental

Turnkey Rental





From £11.50

ISDN2e (2 Channels)




From £22.50

ISDN 30e (8 Channels)




From £96.00


As an alternative solution to Wholesale line rental see SIP trunking.


Please note: The above rental charges are monthly and based on a 12 month contract and exclude VAT.

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