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Oak connectX


connectX recognises who's calling and uses this information to search through your database or application to find the right contact. It will then screen-pop the contact all before the call has been answered. connectX integrates with a large number of databases and applications to ensure that it works for your business. connectX also works with outbound calls to dial clients automatically.


Reduce Costs - Call handling time is reduced because you have the caller’s details to hand and don’t need to ask for them again.


Improve Service - By knowing who the caller is before answering the call you can offer a more personalised service.


Increase Sales - Calls can be made automatically from your database or application, speeding up connection and avoiding mis-dialling.


Improve Productivity - Automatically open your application or database and enter important notes without losing valuable seconds.


CRM Integration - Integrate with your CRM system or business database.


Preview Caller - See who’s calling before answering so your greeting can be more personal.


Screen Pop - Open and display a customer’s database record ready for review or input.


Call Handling - Answer and transfer calls fast using your screen and keyboard.


Add Notes - Add important notes to a customer record during the conversation.


Label Calls - Associate a policy number or customer reference with a call recording.

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